Q: I have a friend who often takes part in amateur tournaments. Can I come to the Club to watch the games?

A: Amateur tournaments are rarely equipped to accommodate spectators. However you could accompany your friend as a caddy. If it is not a particularly strenuous competition, your friend will be happy to have as a privileged spectator.

Q: I have been wanting to take up golf for a long time, but everyone tells me it’s very expensive. Is this true?

A: At Molino del Pero Golf Club you can approach the game by signing up for a beginner’s course. A group mini-course starts at €100 and should you decide to continue, there are options for every pocketbook.

Q: I would like to take a couple, of trial lessons to find out if I really like it. Do I still need to register with the Club?

A: At Molino del Pero Golf Club you can try out a few swings accompanied by an expert golfer or take a few lessons from a professional instructor.

Q: Do I need any special clothing to play golf?

A: Except for beachwear, there are no particular restrictions about how to dress on the course. Cotton or corduroy slacks, long or short sleeved shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts are all perfectly acceptable.

Q: What is the Driving Range?

A: The Driving Range is a kind of “training ground” for golfers. It is an area where beginners can learn to hit the ball and more expert players can hone their skills in preparation for a tournament.

Q: Do I need to buy special shoes even for my first golf lessons?

A: At the beginning, a comfortable pair of sneakers/trainers will do. It is usually a good idea to by proper golf shoes when you begin to really play the holes so that you don’t slip on the uneven ground when taking a skillful shot.

Q: How old should a child be before taking up golf?

A: There is no set age for taking up golf, since it depends on the psychological and physical maturity of the child. However it is advisable not to begin technical activity till the child is 7, when the body is stronger. Even though there are clubs for all kinds of golfers, weight is still a factor. Before the age of 7, a child can still enjoy putting and could start to feel comfortable handling golf balls and clubs.

Q: Is it still possible to learn to play golf even after 50?

A: There are no age limits, you can start at any age. On the contrary, golf is recommended for any age group since it provides an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and take long walks to get in better shape. Golf is a unique experience in the world of sports because it allows you get fresh air and exercise.

Q: I have signed up for a set of lessons but I don’t have any equipment. Do I need to buy some before I get started?

A: Molino del Pero Golf Club’s school provides its students with everything they need for their first lessons. Once you are sure that you want to keep playing golf, you can buy a your own set of clubs with the helpful advice of a professional golfer.

Q: I have heard of Molino del Pero Golf Club, but where exactly is it located?

A: The Club is about 20-25 minutes from Bologna, situated along the road known as Fondovalle del Savena (Savena River Valley Road) that is accessed from the suburb of Rastignano, just south of Bologna city limits. At the crossroads for Loiano-Monzuno turn right, go over the bridge and turn right again. You can see the 9th hole from there. Another 100 meters up the road and you will see the entry gate on your left.

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