Ferrara is one of Emilia Romagna’s cities of art which, like other Italian cities such as Bergamo, Lucca and Grosseto, has kept its Medieval defense walls intact.
In the center, its rich, Renaissance artistic heritage is evident in the many important historical buildings, affording Ferrara the UNESCO denomination of Renaissance City, along with the title of the World Heritage Site for the natural beauty of the Park of the Po River Delta and for the cultural wonders of the “Delizie Estensi” (Este Family Delights), a collection of Renaissance villas which were built by the Este family in the Ferrara district of the Po Valley plains.

Noteworthy among the events that take place in Ferrara are the internationally acclaimed art exhibitions at the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the annual, late-August Buskers Festival, attracting top level street performers from around the world.

From Molino del Pero Golf Club, Ferrara is less than an hour away, easily accessible via the A1 highway from Sasso Marconi and then the A13

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