Located on the aptly named “Via dei Mulini” (Mill Road), the Molino del Pero Golf Club was developed around the reconstruction of one of the 28 nineteenth-century mills scattered along the Savena River, many of which can still be seen along its banks.

Nestled in the Apennine foothills just south of the city of Bologna, the Molino del Pero Golf Club is designed to satisfy any type of golfer, from the most demanding expert to the casual, occasional amateur.

Arturo Filippini, the President of the Club, is a great golfing enthusiast. He chose this particular plot of land to be transformed into a golf course because it was here that he played as a child. It was his dream to see this sport, his lifelong passion, practiced on these grounds to which he feels so intrinsically linked.

Molino del Pero Golf Club is a technical 18-hole parkland golf course on a pleasantly hilly terrain. The first nine holes were designed in 1991 by Count Ignazio De Vito Piscicelli, a great player, renowned among Bolognese golfers who happens to also be Arturo’s friend. The back nine were added in 2006.

In contrast to the stereotypical image of golf as a sport for snobs, Molino del Pero Golf Club Molino is an easy-going, friendly place, where players of any age or skill level can get together not just to play a round, but also to enjoy its relaxing and cordial atmosphere.


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