The Club is run by a team of professionals, each coming from a different background, united in their love for golf. 

Arturo Filippini, a well-respected businessman with a passion for golf, has transformed his family’s property into a truly original golf course. The hay-barn became the Club House, the old mill the restaurant, and the stables the bag-room. The result is a uniquely harmonious atmosphere where getting together is always a pleasure.

Pierpaolo Filippini started playing golf when he was a child and has been practicing diligently since 1991. While still a university student, he began taking on responsibilities at the Club, managing amateur youth teams.
After getting his undergraduate degree in Political Science, he went on to get a Masters in Golf Management at the Campus Golf & Tourism Academy in Lucca, Italy.
He has been the Club’s general manager since 2010.


After many years working in executive positions for several major Bolognese companies, Mauro Spisani, decided to dedicate his managerial and organizational skills to the world of golf. An accomplished player, he is the liaison for all sports events. Appointed to the position of referee, he has also been instated as Federation secretary.

Greens keeper
Fiorenzo Maestrami, is not only the Club’s greens keeper, he is also an excellent player, which means he can accurately test the grounds and evaluate both his own work and that of his collaborators. Thanks to his precision, the quality of the course is a major source of pride for the Club.

Golf pro

Mattia Malagutti, a professional golfer since 2007, is in charge of the competitive and youth sectors. He runs all the teaching activities at the Club and organizes golf lessons and clinics. His suggestions and technical advice contribute to the steady improvement on our members’ games and helps new players get off to a good start.


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