Servizio in arrivo

If you are one of those people who still thinks that golf is a niche sport for the elite, Molino del Pero Golf Club will make you change your mind.

Playing golf is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, improve your concentration, challenge yourself and sharpen your skills. Every year, more and more people are taking up golf to keep in shape in the open air. The pathway from tee to hole leads though an intriguing landscape of hills, valleys and lakes. Nature is the golfer’s accomplice and immersed in nature, the golfer feels rejuvenated.

This is how Arturo Filippini, the founder of Molino del Pero Golf Club, sees it. It is a point of view shared by all the members and guests who come to Molino del Pero Golf Club to kick back and relax with friends, have fun and socialize, but especially, to play golf.

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